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“Must Read Spring Picture Books. Kids will enjoy lifting the pages to see the animals in their unique beds.” – Melissa Taylor, Imagination Soup

It’s Late. Everyone is tired. “Time to go to bed!” Reindeer says. But which bed belongs to Reindeer?

A funny story with flaps for sleepy toddlers ages 24 months and up, with a focus on the child’s daily life.

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  1. Kanikabersemi

    Its a funny story about Reinderr who want to sleeps but Reinderr always find wrong bed because it too small even when the bed fit in perfectly it does not belongs to Reinderr. Then the last bed also occupied so where the Reindeer sleeps?

    The books has flip pages that show the animal whose belongs the bed. It so much fun to guess the animals who supposed sleep in the bed. Its a great story to teach children sleep in their own bed. Or we can play with our children to find their own bed. Through this book also we can introduce the concept too small or too big or right size.

    The books has a bold colorful illustrations with the animals wear pyjama, soo cute.

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