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An interactive book with a birthday surprise from bestselling author-illustrator Anita Bijsterbosch!

Hurray, it’s Bear’s birthday today! But everybody seems to have forgotten. And when Bear goes out to visit his friends, everybody is busy. But when he gets home again, a big surprise awaits him!

A sweet book with peepholes and folding pages, about animal houses and a birthday surprise. For toddlers ages 24 months and up, with a focus on the child’s daily life.

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  1. Maria Lionita

    One of my favorite Clavis books because it is my birthday gift from Clavis Indonesia. This book is suitable for reading for children from 0 years of age to adults. If read to babies who are only 3 months old and over, this book can be used as a means of stimulation to introduce colors, various types of animals, and surrounding objects that are inside and outside the house. In addition, this book is also a means of learning English for children and beginners. The story is touching and heartwarming for readers about the bear who initially felt sad because his friends had forgotten his birthday but in fact his friends remembered and gave a surprise that made the bear happy.

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