On a Journey with Bobby

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Bobby and his dog, Trix, are going on a journey. They get on the scooter, they drive in a car, they fly by plane, and they sail a boat. Where are Bobby and Trix going to?

A book full of exciting vehicles and the sounds they make. For kids on the go ages 2 and up.

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Hardcover with sounds | 16 pages | 8.3 x 8.7 | ISBN: 9781605374833
Author-illustrator: Ruth Wielockx

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  1. Maria Lionita

    This book is one of Clavis music book which is suitable for children from 0 years old. For babies, you can stimulate their hearing by listening to various sounds in the book. For children over 1 year old, besides introducing two types of animals, the main characters of this book, such as dogs and bears, you can also provide additional knowledge about types of land, sea, air transportation such as motorbikes, cars, trains, ships, jeeps and rockets in the book.

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