Want To Know! This series of informative picture books answers the questions young children. Some subjects are familiar to them, others are less familiar. The books deal with the world and the environment around us, with our past and our present. In a playful and clever way, these books tell children what they want to know!

Do you want to know everything about princesses? This books will tell you things like: what princesses wear, what palaces are really like, what princesses do all day, what really happens at a royal ball. You’ll find the answers to many other questions as well. This book also contains a poem, activities, a big foldout page and a mini-quiz, so that you will become a real expert.

An informative picture book for children ages 5 and up about characters in history, namely princesses.

Stok 3


Hardcover | 32 pages | 10.25 x 9.75 | ISBN: 9781605372440
Author: Suzan Boshouwers
Illustrator: Marjolein Hund


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