Superhero School


“The story is clever and kids will appreciate that Henry’s skills are needed.” – School Library Journal

At Superhero School every little superhero is good at something: some can spit fire, some can walk through walls, and some can fly. But what about Henry? He’s popular with the kids because he’s funny and a prankster. He’s not so popular with the teachers, though. Is he really superhero material? How Henry finds his rightful place in Superhero School makes for a super-sized, super-fun story!

A funny, colorful book that proves wisdom and humor can be far more important than strenght. For superheroes ages 4 and up.


Hardcover | 30 pages | 8.5 x 10.1 | ISBN: 9781605371405
Author: Thierry Robberecht
Illustrator: Philippe Goossens

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