The Truth About Dinosaurs


“Young readers who think the dinosaurs are all extinct will appreciate this truthful revelation. Well, truth-y, anyway.” – Kirkus Reviews

Everyone knows that dinosaurs are extinct. But are they really? What if we told you that they’re still alive, and that some of them even live among us! You need proof? Well, here is an authentic photo album from a long, long time ago that’s now being shared for the very first time. Discover the long-withheld truth in this incredible but true story about DINOSAURS.

A funny and illuminating tour of the wonderful world of the dinosaurs. For anyone ages 4 to 250 million years.

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Hardcover with jacket | 32 pages | 9.25 x 12.80 | ISBN: 9781605374239
Author-illustrator: Guido Van Genechten

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