Where Is Bear Going?

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“… A sweet welcome for a new baby.” – Kirkus Reviews

Where is Bear going? To see some sleepy little eyes.
Where are Bear and Squirrel going? To see some cute little ears.
Where are Bear, Squirrel and Fox going? To see a little pink nose.
There’s a new baby in the forest!

A sweet little story about animal friends and a new baby. For toddlers ages 18 months and up, with a focus on the child’s daily life.

  1. Kanikabersemi

    The book tells a story about Bear who wants to see some sleepy little *eyes* (whose little eyes? can you guess?). Along the way, Bear meet Squirrel, later Fox, afterwards Rabbit, after that Cat then finally Goat. They want to see cute little *ears*,little pink *nose*, a teensy-weensy *mouth*, a soft little *belly*, (whose it belongs? Can you guess?).
    Through this story, children can learn different kind of animals (always become a favorite theme of story) also learn about parts of body, (we can show it which parts). Moreover for older children, we can teach them counting, how many animals (who want to see a little one) that adds up at every pages until in the end of story?

    Love the story also fascinating soft coloured illustrations 😍😍😍, the animals portrayed soo cute♥️. Also the forest illustrated with beautiful flowers in each turning pages.

    I shows the book and read the story to my little daughter induce her babbling as sign her interest. Definitely will reread again when she getting much ages.

  2. Ria Purnamasari

    Buku ini mengembangkan kemampuan berfikir, ruang imajinasi.
    Beruang yang pergi ke hutan berkunjung ke suatu tempat untuk bertemu seseorang dengan ciri-ciri yang membuat anak berfikir sambil berimajinasi.
    di setiap halaman anak pasti akan menerka-nerka, apakah binatang babi, kelinci atau tikus. Alur ceritanya membangun keingintahuan anak. Cocok untuk anak di usia 18 bulan yang mulai belajar mengenal binatang.

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