Who Is Shrieking So Early


“Persistence makes a difference in this understated charmer” – Kirkus Reviews

Early in the morning, just before Sam’s alarm clock is about to go off, a strange sound enters the bedroom. SHRIEK! SHRIEK! What’s that noise? This is not a good way to start the day! Sam is woken up by a loud bird, but he tries to sleep through it. What can Sam do to stop it? This bird is relentless! Will Sam find a new friend in this magpie and finally manage to sleep in?

A cheerful picture book about understanding, tolerance and patience, and also chirping birds, from the author of A Warm Friendship and When I Look Up, for early birds ages 5 years and up.

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Hardcover with jacket | 32 pages | 8.27 x 11.42 | ISBN: 9781605375915
Author: Ellen DeLange
Illustrator: Zafouko Yamamoto


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